Scottish shoppers asked to back their local economy

Choose Local. That’s the message across Edinburgh and the Lothians as the drive for people to back businesses in their communities grows ever stronger.

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Friday, 3rd September 2021, 2:22 pm
Phil Prentice: "We are investing in creating a better future which is in all of our interests.”

The Scotland Loves Local campaign has issued the rallying cry, with the need for everyone to make positive choices to support their local area more than ever as people look to build a stronger future beyond the coronavirus pandemic.

It comes as research for the campaign has revealed strong awareness of the critical need for people to think local first.

More than half (60%) of those questioned in a survey in the Edinburgh and Lothians Scottish Parliamentary region agreed that the future of shops and services on their high street depends on the extent to which people in the area support them.

City centres light up when people shop at local businesses

And 87% quizzed said that it's vital people support the businesses in their community as civic leaders look at how to make the area stronger in the post-pandemic world.

The Scotland Loves Local campaign is spearheaded by Scotland’s Towns Partnership (STP), with support from the Scottish Government.

STP chief officer Phil Prentice said: “In neighbourhoods and towns across Edinburgh and the Lothians, by getting behind businesses of every kind in our communities – whether they be shops, cafes, restaurants, bars or services – we are investing in creating a better future which is in all of our interests.”

Professor Leigh Sparks, STP’s chair and a leading retail academic, added: “Local businesses are at the heart of our towns and places – providing jobs, economic value, and a sense of community. We have seen this more than ever throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, where local businesses have gone above and beyond to support their local customers and communities.

“People hugely value the role that local businesses play in their communities. Events of the past 18 months have proven a powerful reminder of how important they are to our lives and the fabric of our society.

“By thinking local first, we can turn that support into action. Choosing local means that we can secure the future of businesses in our community - and the people behind them - and build vibrant and sustainable towns and places.

“Choosing local is something we can all feel good about.”

The Scottish Government is also supporting the rollout of the Scotland Loves Local Gift Card in every one of the country’s local authority regions - providing another way in which people can choose to support and spend with businesses in their community.

The message is simple: Think local, act local, choose local for a better future.

Find out more about the Scotland Loves Local campaign at and by following #ScotlandLovesLocal and #ChooseLocal on social media.