Parents threaten to remove children from damaged Oxgangs School

Parents have threatened to remove kids from privately-built Oxgangs Primary School after staff and pupils were ordered to stay indoors after wind damaged the roof '“ just weeks after ceiling tiles collapsed.

Friday, 16th March 2018, 6:00 am
Oxgangs Primary has been hit by a series of incidents, Picture: Stewart Attwood

The school was also at the centre of a major safety scare in 2016 when an entire wall containing nine tonnes of masonry collapsed in high winds.

Two loose roof flashings were spotted by concerned parents – located directly above the wall that collapsed in 2016. All staff and children were ordered to stay inside and allowed to leave the school at the end of the day from just one exit.

Parents voiced their concerns about the safety of their children at the school.

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Vicky Owens said she no longer has any confidence in sending her son to school. “When it comes down to it, the school is trembling and so are we.”

Michelle Horsburgh, who has two boys at Oxgangs, said: “I have thought about moving schools, you send your kids to school and expect them to be safe.”

Referring to the falling ceiling tiles, she added: “The teachers were trying to downplay the incident a couple of weeks ago acting as if the school was empty but there were kids at after school club and they came back saying the girl got hit in the head. I feel lucky my son wasn’t at after school club the day that bit of the ceiling fell down. He usually is.

“It makes you feel sick it really does. The school is falling apart.”

Another parent, said: “It wasn’t actually a tile that hit the girl on the head it was part of a light fixture and they’re trying to keep it all hush hush.”

Safa Habib, 32, who also has two boys at the school, said: “I think it’s bad that they haven’t yet completed enough checks, especially with the weather conditions that we’ve been having lately.”

Faye Gilbertson, whose children used to go to the school, said: “My kids have left now and I’m so glad. It’s not safe to send your kids there.

“It will get to the stage where somebody gets brain damage or something when something falls on their heads. That’s what it’s gonna take for them to do something about it.

“The whole school should have been knocked down when that wall fell.”

Les Sinclair, 87 who’s property faces the building, said: “It was flapping in the wind earlier, just off the corner above the white bit. I phoned the school but they already knew.

“They locked that gate so they mustn’t have been letting anyone go in there.”

A council spokesperson said: “A section of flashing on the school’s roof was found to be loose this morning and flapping in the wind.

“Officers from the council and our PPP provider attended on site immediately and it was made safe.

“The health and safety of our pupils and staff is of paramount importance.”