Schoolboys rushed to help pensioner who lay helpless in garden

Firhill S4 pupils Aiden Duthie and Harris Mackintosh with Dr Lex Turner who they helped after he fell in his garden back in May. Picture: Jon Savage
Firhill S4 pupils Aiden Duthie and Harris Mackintosh with Dr Lex Turner who they helped after he fell in his garden back in May. Picture: Jon Savage
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PENSIONER Lex Turner has thanked two hero schoolboys who came to his rescue as he lay helpless in his garden after a fall.

Sixteen-year-olds Aiden Duthie and Harris Macintosh rushed to his assistance after hearing his cries for help as they passed his house with a group of friends.

Dr Turner, 98, who lives in Braid Road, Fairmilehead, had taken a tumble and hurt his head but could not get up again.

The boys, S4 pupils at Firrhill High School, picked him up, helped him into his house and waited with him until his home help arrived.

Dr Turner has now been reunited with them to repeat his thanks for their help.

He said: “It was the night of Prince Harry’s wedding. It was a very hot night and about ten to eight I though I’d better go out the back door and pick up the indoor plants I had put out in the sunshine.

“They were just lying in the driveway but as I bent down to pick them up I realised I would need two hands and I lost my balance and toppled over.

“I fell forward and hit my head on a kerb. It was a bit painful, but not too bad. But I couldn’t get up – that was the problem. I couldn’t move, there was nothing to hold on to.

“I thought to myself there would be someone passing up the road soon and I will shout on them for help.

“Normally someone passes up and down there every 50 seconds, but nobody was coming. I lay there and kept my eye on the gate so I could see anyone passing. I didn’t want to struggle to try and get across the driveway.

“I was concentrating on that gate for about 15 minutes when a little head popped out of the hedge – it was a fox doing his rounds. I think he got the shock of his life when he saw me lying there, but off he went.

“I lay there for another ten minutes, then I heard voices and there was a posse of schoolboys and girls coming along. I managed to get my breath and shout on them.

“They all came up my driveway and picked me up and got me inside. There were about eight of them.

“They were wonderful. The two oldest ones picked me up, brought me into the kitchen and sat me down. They all acted as a team. They did all the right things. I can’t thank them enough.”

Harris said he had been with a group of friends when they heard Dr Turner shouting for help. “We were up at Fairmilehead, Mortonhall woods, and walking on the main road. I heard someone shouting, so stopped and looked and I saw an old man on the ground with a cut head.

“Aiden and I climbed over the gate and picked him up. He didn’t seem too badly hurt, but I think he was in shock. He had scraped his head. He said he had been there about 45 minutes. Aiden and I got there first and the others followed us.”

Aiden said: “We got him a glass of water and asked if he wanted us to call and ambulance, but he didn’t want that.

“He told us he had a home help we could phone, so we did that and she came round.”

Martin Hollis, pupil support teacher at Firrhill High School, praised the boys for their quick thinking and swift action.

He said: “I’ve known these two guys for two years and I’m very proud of them.”