These are the 14 best Scottish universities in the UK

With the UK university league tables for 2020 released, how did your local university hold up?

Monday, 10th June 2019, 12:19 pm
Where do you think Edinburgh University fell in the rankings?

This is a round up of how all the Scottish universities who made it on to the Guardian's league table fared.

2nd. Moving up from 3rd place last year, St Andrews has overtaken Oxford to claim second place in the UK university league table.
14th. Jumping up a whopping ten places from last years table, Glasgow University has moved into 14th place on the table, 11 spaces ahead of Edinburgh university.
25th. Crawling up two spots, Edinburgh has moved from 28th to 25th, Edinburgh maintains itself in the top three of Scottish universities.

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29th. Not moving from last year, Dundee has held its spot within the top 30 of UK universities.
45th. Moving backwards, Stirling lost five spaces from last year.
34th. A considerable improvement from last year where it placed 51st, Aberdeen has moved into the 30's in 34th position.
51st. Creeping up from 53rd last year, Strathclyde boasts a near 50/50 gender split in its students.
61st. Heriot-Watt was found to have a gender split of 59.03 per cent male and 40.97 per cent female.
76th. Sticking in the 70's, Robert Gordon University reported a huge majority of students being from the UK with 82.92 per cent of students.
80th. Jumping up 16 spaces, Glasgow Caledonian has gotten itself out of the 90s and into the 80s.
84th. Holding steady, QMU stayed put at 84th.
87th. Unfortunately Abertay suffered a setback, moving down the rankings, originally at 68th place last year and now 87th.
105th. Not budging, Napier has maintained its position at 105th, seemingly unable to crack that top 100.
106th. Coming in last in Scotlands university is the West of Scotland, who has actually improved from their placement of 114th last year.