Bo’ness bookie saves Rangers fan’s life after heart attack

The Three Sisters in the Cowgate. Picture: Toby Williams
The Three Sisters in the Cowgate. Picture: Toby Williams
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A QUICK-thinking bookie has told of the moment he saved the life of a man who collapsed while celebrating Rangers’ Old Firm victory.

The supporter, in his fifties, fell to the ground at the Three Sisters Pub in Cowgate, just minutes after watching his team beat Celtic in the Scottish Cup semi-final on TV.

I had a tear in my eye because I honestly didn’t expect him to wake up again.

Matthew Hannah

Matthew Hannah, from Bo’ness, rushed through the crowd to the man’s aid and started performing CPR before ambulance crews arrived ten minutes later.

The 23-year-old, a former lifeguard, said: “I had a tear in my eye because I honestly didn’t expect him to wake up again. As soon as he collapsed I knew he wasn’t breathing and I had to do something about it.

“I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t performed the CPR, someone else would have.

“I continued doing it until the ambulance arrived and they attached him to a defibrillator and after two shocks he opened his eyes.”

The Scottish Ambulance Service confirmed the man was taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary in a “serious condition” after they received an emergency call shortly before 3pm on Sunday. Rangers fans, who were celebrating a 5-4 penalties victory, looked on in shock as Matthew performed the CPR.

A witness, who asked not to be named, said: “The majority of people that were in the pub were Rangers supporters so everyone was jumping up and down cheering when they won.

“The man just dropped down and everyone was staring.

“Another man rushed through the crowd and started performing CPR – it was obvious the guy on the floor was having a cardiac arrest.”

Andrew Cohen, general manager at the Three Sisters, said: “We can confirm that on Sunday one of our customers went into cardiac arrest in the courtyard of The Three Sisters.

“Our quick-thinking staff, along with customer Matthew Hannah, acted immediately, performing CPR and calling the emergency services.

“We are pleased to say we received an update from the man’s daughter, who thanked those staff who assisted, and tells us he is currently in the hospital cracking jokes.”

The Evening News teamed up with the family of Jamie Skinner to launch the Shockingly Easy campaign in July 2014, after he died at the age of 13 after suffering a cardiac arrest. The campaign aims to install defibrillators in all sports clubs throughout the Lothians.