Coronavirus testing: everyone in UK now eligible for a Covid-19 test - here’s how to apply

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has announced that everyone with synptoms in the UK is now eligible to apply for a coronavirus test

A number of new groups are now eligible to apply for home-testing kits (Shutterstock)
A number of new groups are now eligible to apply for home-testing kits (Shutterstock)

Everyone in the UK with symptoms can now be tested for coronavirus.

Those now eligible can apply for both a home testing kit or book for a test at one of more than 40 regional drive-through sites

Here is what you need to know about who is eligible for tests and where to access them.

Who is eligible for a test?

Previously only citizens over five were eligible for a coronavirus test.

But speaking on Tuesday First Minister Ms Sturgeon said that anyone exhibiting symptoms should be tested immediately.

Scotland currently boasts a testing capacity of 15,000 aday.

Speaking on Wednesday Mr Hancock said: “Because of that increased capacity I can announce that we are expanding eligibility yet further. From tomorrow, we are expanding eligibility for testing to include the under-fives, so that now every single person who has symptoms of coronavirus can get a test, no matter their age.”


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The broadening of testing eligibility was released in line with the country’s new test and trace scheme.

Mr Hancock added: “If you get symptoms, isolate immediately and get a test. If you are contacted by NHS test and trace instructing you to isolate, you must. It is your civic duty, so you avoid unknowingly spreading the virus and you help to break the chain of transmission.”

How do I apply for a test?

If you or a family member are exhibiting symptoms then visit here to book your test.


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You can book for a test at one of the country’s regional drive-through sites or request a home test kit.

Testing is most effective within three days of symptoms - a high temperature or new continuous cough - developing, Government guidelines state.

When will I receive test results?

Completed samples will be sent to a testing laboratory where they are analysed.


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The Government said that it is aiming for tests from drive-through sites to be sent out by text within 48 hours and home testing kit results within 72 hours of collection.

People will be given advice on any next steps that need to be taken after receiving their results.