Nicola Sturgeon LIVE: First Minister to updates public on latest coronavirus figures | lowest test positivity rate since mid-June in Scotland | 'Anti-vaxxers are guilty of anti-social behaviour', says FM

Live coverage and analysis of the Scottish Government’s latest Covid-19 briefing.

Follow The Scotsman’s live blog here for updates on the Scottish Government’s Covid-19 briefing, held by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and national clinical director Jason Leitch on Tuesday, July 27.

Live coverage of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's latest Covid-19 briefing.

Scottish Government Covid-19 briefing LIVE

Key Events

  • Scotland records lowest case positivity rate since mid June
  • ‘Anti-vaxxers spreading misinformation are anti-social’, according to FM
  • Prof Leitch: cases in Scotland “dramatically falling”
  • Yousaf insists self-isolation exemptions are not compulsory
  • ‘Reckless’ to let Covid-19 spread through young people, says FM adviser
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Briefing ends as Nicola Sturgeon due to set out Scotland’s next steps out of lockdown at Scottish Parliament next week

The First Minister said the Scottish Government hoped to remove more restrictions when Scotland moves “beyond level zero” on Monday August 9.

Leading up to this, she said, the government would weigh up the different factors that will inform its decision on how many restrictions can be lifted.

The First Minister said: “In short, we have seen some very positive developments recently, and that does give us grounds for optimism that we will be able to continue progress, out of restrictions.

“That said, we do still need to be cautious.”

Scotsman columnist Brian Monteith blames all Scotland's woes, as he sees them on Nicola Sturgeon

Covid Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon says anti-vaxxers spreading misinformation are guilty of anti-social behaviour

Nicola Sturgeon says that anti-vaxxers who deliberately spread misinformation regarding coronavirus are ‘anti-social’.

Drop-in vaccinations offered to anyone who has not had vaccine

Jason Leitch said that drop-in vaccination clinics are open to anyone across Scotland who has not had the vaccine.

He added that Scotland is doing ‘well’ with the vaccination programme so far.

Sturgeon ‘surprised’ at accusations Government missed vaccine targets

The First Minister said she is ‘surprised’ at media outlets saying she missed a Government target of vaccinating all over 40s.

Nicola Sturgeon’s comments come as she previously said all people over 40s will be vaccinated if they come forward when offered by July 26.

Speaking at her briefing today, the First Minister said that how could she guarantee that all over 40s would be vaccinated under a non-compulsory vaccination programme.

She added that the Scottish Government is working on encouraging people to come forward for the vaccine as just over 90% of over 40s have been fully vaccinated.

Over 4 million people have had their first dose of the vaccine in Scotland so far.

The FM added that any suggestion that the vaccination programme is not a ‘resounding success’ has ‘non basis whatsoever.’

‘No evidence’ vaccine impacts fertility, says FM

The FM said there is ‘absolutely no evidence’ that the vaccine would affect fertility in both men and women amid concerns raised on social media on the issue.

Sturgeon added that the virus would probably offer far more of a risk to fertility than any vaccine.

‘Should not lose sight of how high uptake rates are’, says FM

Questioned over vaccination uptake in young people, the First Minister said we should not underestimate how high current uptake rates are in Scotland.

The FM asked young people to ‘go and educate yourself’ to get vaccinated to help themselves but also people around them.

Jason Leitch also added that he expects vaccinations rates among young people to rise as it is still early days since young people were asked to come forward.

Latest covid figures for Scotland

FM says ‘individual responsibilty’ to get vaccinated

Photo dated 21/06/21 of First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon receiving her second dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine. PA Media

‘I am confident we will make progress’ says FM as she hints to further easing announced next week

Nicola Sturgeon says lifting of remaining restrictions will be done with ‘appropriate caution’ and plans for moving forward for Scotland will be outlined to Parliament next week.

People told to shield eight times more likely to get Covid, a new study suggests

People advised to shield during the first wave of the pandemic were eight times more likely to get Covid-19 and five times as likely to die following infection than the general population, a study led by the University of Glasgow has indicated.

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