Diane’s in the pink after raising £9200

Diane Wallace was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. Picture: comp
Diane Wallace was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. Picture: comp
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A woman diagnosed with breast cancer 15 years after her sister died from the disease has raised money for the nurses who helped her beat it.

Diane Wallace, 41, from Dalkeith, organised a charity night at Woodburn Miners Club, raising £9200 for the Western General breast and chemotherapy units.

She said: “I was going to do it for Breast Cancer UK but I decided to do it just for the Western.

“They were brilliant. They totally looked after me.

“It was an amazing night, there were probably about 400 people there. We raised just over £9000. I couldn’t believe it.

“I remember thinking if we raise £3000 or 4000 then that would be great. But we had so many great raffle prizes.

“We even had an autographed poster and a jacket from Gerard Butler. And a New York City football top signed by Lampard and Pirlo. So we raised a lot of money on the raffle.

“It went so well and everybody had such a great time it might become a yearly thing.”

The painter and decorator revealed how she dealt with her diagnosis a year ago.

She said: “Last October I was diagnosed with breast cancer. When I first found out I was obviously like ‘oh my God, I’m going to die!’.

“My sister, Karen, died of breast cancer in 1999, she was just 30. I thought ‘oh God, that’s me as well then’.

“I think once I met my professor he made me feel so positive. Obviously I had my moments.

“I have got two young kids, so I was thinking of them, wanting to see them grow up.

“But most of the time I was positive. I was still working. I basically just carried on as norma although I was in bed a couple of times because of chemo. I had six months of chemotherapy and in June I had a double mastectomy and reconstruction. I’m still going through surgery now.

“I got the all-clear in June. If I didn’t get a mastectomy there was a high risk of it returning.”

Diane’s mum, Josephine Wallace, said: “I lost a daughter 16 years ago to the same thing. Diane has just been brilliant throughout this and I think she deserves some recognition.

“It has been tough but she has just went through it all as if it was nothing.

“She has got amazing friends who have helped her through it.”