Edinburgh funeral firm offers net carbon zero goodbyes

An Edinburgh funeral directors is going for greener goodbyes by calculating the environmental impact of each funeral and giving families the chance to choose more environmentally-friendly options or to offset the carbon footprint.

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Friday, 12th November 2021, 7:38 am
Edinburgh funeral firm offers customers a carbon zero funeral option
Edinburgh funeral firm offers customers a carbon zero funeral option

The launch of an app that calculates the exact carbon footprint of a funeral will now enable families throughout the city to arrange a truly carbon net zero funeral.

William Purves is using the first-of-its-kind app in response to customer demand and says it will enable families wishing to minimise the environmental impact of a funeral they are arranging by calculating the exact carbon footprint of a funeral. This will mean they can take an informed decision about how to make a funeral ‘greener’, arrange a carbon net-zero funeral, or buy carbon credits to offset the carbon cost.

The company is a fifth generation family business, and with Cop 20 on the doorstep, they believe action is needed now to protect the future.

The new app can calculate the environmental impact of each separate element that makes up a funeral. Decisions to cremate or bury, choice of coffin and other transport, flowers, the impact of small versus large events are now measured to provide a carbon footprint value.

Greener Goodbyes

The Greener Goodbyes app estimates the average UK funeral will require £30 in carbon credits to achieve a net zero value. Credits are paid to accredited and established green projects.

For families wishing to offset the whole cost, William Purves will cap the charge at £30 and donate any difference themselves.

Tim Purves, chairman of William Purves says: “Increasingly, the families we support are looking for more sustainable options when it comes to funeral arranging and we are delighted to support them in this way.”

He added: “We are rolling the new app out to help those interested in going green to arrange a carbon net-zero funeral. We appreciate this service is not for everyone, but going forward, it’s hoped the majority of our funerals are carbon neutral.”

Families do not need to choose this green option, but research commissioned by the app developers has highlighted the rising interest in greener choices.

Mr Purves said: “By offering more choice to families, we’re improving their success in arranging a funeral that’s ‘just right’, while making a real difference to the world we live in.”

To find out more please contact William Purves at on 0131 447 5858 or visit their website.