Nicola Sturgeon LIVE: testing figures incomplete due to 'backlog'

Live updates on coronavirus in Scotland.

By Conor Marlborough
Monday, 14th September 2020, 12:42 pm

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Coronavirus in Scotland.

Coronavirus in Scotland LIVE: Monday, September 14

Last updated: Monday, 14 September, 2020, 13:48

  • New rules on meeting other households come into force in Scotland
  • 70 new Covid-19 cases reported by Scottish Government
  • Backlog of testing across UK means figure likely to be higher
  • No new deaths from coronavirus in last 24 hours
  • UK Government spends €470 million on vaccines from Livingston firm

Is the world seeing a second wave?

At this point in time it is a younger age group and we are not seeing that shown in a commensurate rise in hospital admissions or admissions to ICU. I don't believe we are in a second wave. The virus has never gone away. It is a rise in cases from a low baseline.

Dr Gregor Smith, Chief Medical Officer

Six walk-in test centres in Scotland’s university towns and cities

By the end of September there will be six walk-in test centres in Scotland’s big university towns and cities, Jeane Freeman has said. 

Asked by Scotsman reporter Conor Matchett whether the Scottish Government could be confident about the return of students later this year, Ms Sturgeon said the university sector had taken the issue seriously with safety planning. 

Health Secretary Jeane Freeman said there would be six walk-in test centres in some of Scotland’s largest university towns and cities - including one in St Andrews and two in Glasgow.

Sturgeon: new university students urged to download Protect Scotland app

The issue we are suffering some impact from is a backlog in the tests being processed which is leading to a longer turnaround time.

Nicola Sturgeon

900k people download Protect Scotland app

More than 900,000 people have downloaded the Protect Scotland coronavirus contact tracing app since its launch last week, the Scottish First Minister has announced.

Nicola Sturgeon said it was believed this was enough for the technology to begin working, but urged those who have not to do so.

Speaking at the Scottish Government’s coronavirus daily briefing, she particularly urged students who will be heading to university soon to download the app.

Sturgeon on backlog of testing

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said she has “serious concern” with the “backlog of test results” for Covid-19.

Speaking at the Scottish Government’s coronavirus briefing, she said she had raised her fears with the UK Government.

Ms Sturgeon urged Health Secretary Matt Hancock to share the “full nature of issues they are facing” so her government could assist in alleviating them.

Scotland’s Covid-19 stats

No deaths of confirmed Covid-19 patients have been recorded in the past 24 hours and the number of fatalities remains at 2,499.

There are 264 people in hospital confirmed to have the virus, up by five in 24 hours.

Of these patients, seven were in intensive care, the same as the previous day.

Sturgeon: “Significant rise” in Lanarkshire cases

People in North and South Lanarkshire were told not to visit each other indoors, Ms Sturgeon said. 

No new deaths in Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon said there have been no new confirmed deaths in Scotland from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours.

Nicola Sturgeon: UK testing backlog causing “serious concern

The FM said the 70 new cases confirmed in the last 24 hours was an “incomplete” picture of the true figure, due to a backlog in testing across the UK system. 

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