'Sponging' - Readers react to Edinburgh gran's mouse invasion

Evening News readers have criticised an Edinburgh gran who said she was left with only custard to eat after a mouse invasion.

Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 3:46 pm
Updated Thursday, 17th January 2019, 2:34 pm
Georgina McCallum wants the housing association to rehome her since mice invaded her flat. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Georgina McCallum says the rodents are running amok in every room of her three-bedroom Craigmillar apartment, leaving a trail of droppings and wrecking food.

She says the mice are running over her bed and pillowcases and "living in the cooker,' and that they have wrecked her new £499 silver, crushed velvet sofa, making watching TV impossible.

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Scottish gran left with only custard to eat after mouse invasion

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The grandmother says her food has been ruined by the mice, leaving only a tin of Bird's custard for dinner one night this week, risking the health of her children and grandchildren.

And she says pest control have failed to rid her of the infestation, which started over six years ago.

Landlords Link Group say they have boarded up entry points to the flat but that the soil pipe needs sealing, which means replacing the kitchen units, and that Ms McCallum has refused this help because of "potential for disruption."

Some Evening News readers have now claimed Ms McCallum is refusing to be helped in order to get a new house.

One reader, Gary Murray, said: "Should be titled sponging Edinburgh gran wants a move to a nicer free house. She has refused the help offered to get rid of the mice!!"

Amanda Anderson said: "How has she got the absolute audacity to moan and get this in the paper when help has been offered and she's refused it? Also, you can buy mice traps for next to nothing!

"Ridiculous. If you want a new house then do what the rest of us have to and get on the waiting list!"

Cher Brien said: "Isn’t this the norm in Edinburgh now with the mice, buy mouse traps like the rest of us..honestly never read so much c**p in my life!! Pour poison where the kids can’t get to i.e behind the cooker etc, I did that & haven’t seen any since!!"

Lorna Allan agreed, writing: "Yep, I had pest control out, 3 visits over 3 weeks. I bought my own traps too. Pest Control filled holes, and I was told to get steel wool and go round and fill any other holes I could find.

"The mice have never been back and that was 4 years ago now. She’s not really in a position to complain if she’s refused the additional help either. If the mice were wrecking my furniture etc, I’m sure I could cope with a bit of disruption to ensure they’d not be back!"

But Brian Flynn said: "I have all sorts of traps, glue traps, poison etc all over my flat in Leith but still have mice. Steel wool stuck in every opening I've come across, all food in plastic containers but they still plague me."

And Cherene McCallum, who is Ms McCallum's daughter, responded to some of the comments on Facebook by writing: "Have had steel wool, traps, sticky pads you name it we’ve done it!! So for anyone’s horrible comments take yourself as far as I could throw youse! Children don’t need to be in risk!!"

Mandy Hazlett said: "Hope your mum gets it sorted, I had them in my old house. I don't care what anyone says, you never get rid off them, doesn't matter what you use."