10 annoying stereotypes that every Scottish person hates

Think we all walk around wearing kilts, swigging whisky and play the bagpipes?

Tuesday, 30th July 2019, 1:53 pm

Think again. Here are ten annoying stereotypes that every Scottish person hates - so just dinnae go there!

Another tip, don't ask a Scotsman what's under his kilt..... #metoo
Ok, so Scotland isn't called the sick man of Europe for nothing, but deep fried chocolate isn't on the menu for most of us Scots.

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Ok, so your great granny's sister once lived in Stirling, no we don't know her. There are more than 5 million people living in Scotland these days.
No need, we already know she exists!
Honestly, it's 99% banter, both places have their plus points and their negatives, but overall we ain't so different.
Alcohol consumption actually fell to a 25-year low earlier this year after we introduced minimum pricing.
The weather doesn't help, or when our banknotes are refused south of the border and supporting the national football team can be heartbreaking at times, but we are not always grumpy.. honest!
W mostly eat haggis at Burns suppers, not every day. On that note, kilts are usually for weddings, ceilidhs and other special occasions and we learn Burns poetry at school.. and then usually forget all the lines by adulthood.
I'm afraid not, only around 1% of the population can speak Gaelic, and most of these people are not living in our biggest cities.
Just dinnae go there with this one!