15 of the strangest questions tourists ask about Edinburgh - answered

If you've ever wondered about Arthur's seat, the smell at Haymarket and what time the one o'clock gun goes off, you're not alone.

Friday, 16th August 2019, 1:57 pm
Picture: Shuttertock

From enquiries about the time of the one o'clock gun to questions on how often the Castle is bought and sold, here are the most commonly asked questions about Edinburgh.

Despite the clue being in the name, people have asked this. The answer, of course, is one o'clock.
Despite being the other side of the world, it is indeed the same moon.

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This is referring to the Royal Military Tattoo, which runs throughout August.
Visit Scotland respond with: "Why didn't they build the Castle closer to the airport?'" to explain to people just how old Scotland is and its history.
An American gentleman once asked Visit Scotland staff this...
While you can visit the Royal Yacht, it won't be moving any time soon.
Yep, Scotland uses the same postal system as England.
While the castle hasn't been on the market, it did change ownership in 1999 when it was transferred to Scottish Ministers as heads of the devolved Scottish Government.
There are no modes of public transport up Arthur's Seat, but it is a lovely walk which offers views over the city. Arthur's Seat isn't a chair but refers to the extinct volcano possibly named after legends of King Arthur.
Now seen as a good luck tradition, the tradition actually has far darker origins.The heart marks the old execution site and one theory suggests people would spit to show their contempt for the practice of hanging.
No, leave Bobby alone. Many tourists feel the need to have a feel of the statues nose, year upon year, but the wear and tear of the constant rubbing means the paint is stripped from the statue and hes left with a golden sniffer.
This smell is the malty aroma of the citys breweries, which maybe isnt quite as pungent as it once was.
Yes. Statues of bears, dogs, giraffes and even orangutans adorn Edinburghs public spaces but Leith Walks Queen Victoria is the only woman honoured in stone.
As of the 2019 Michelin Guide, Edinburgh has four Michelin star restaurants including The Kitchin (pictured).
If you've ever had Scottish notes questioned in England then you'll know how frustrating this is but yes, we accept English notes with no hassle!