Listen to Monty Python founder, the late Terry Jones, narrate 'hilarious' Doune Castle audio tour

As the world waves farewell to the unique talent that was Terry Jones, we take a look at one of the Monty Python founder's lesser known performing roles, as the narrator of the audio tour at Doune Castle.

Wednesday, 22nd January 2020, 4:45 pm

Situated just outside of Stirling, the striking castle keep has famously enjoyed a starring role in a number of films and television shows, including Outlander and Game of Thrones.For most people however, the 800-year-old edifice is most commonly associated with the 1975 comedy film Monty Python and the Holy Grail and remained a place of pilgrimage for fans of killer rabbits and coconut-bearing knights ever since.According to online movie information portal Scotland: The Movie Location Guide, the Python team, which included Terry Jones, had originally intended to film in other locations, but the Department of the Environment refused their request.

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Monty Python star Terry Jones has died at the age of 77
The late Terry Jones lent his vocal talents to the official audio tour at Doune Castle in 2009. Picture: TSPL/PA

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"The audio guide is designed to give people a real sense of the castle's social history – what it was actually like to live there in the Middle Ages."

The guide opens with Jones telling visitors: "Welcome to Doune Castle. I'm Terry Jones, and in 1974 some friends and myself made a very silly film here called Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

Among the historical descriptions, it includes optional clips from the film, including where King Arthur (Graham Chapman) and Patsy (Terry Gilliam) approach the east wall of the castle and argue with soldiers of the garrison.

The song and dance routine at "Camelot" was filmed in Doune's Great Hall and the servery and kitchen appear as "Castle Anthrax", where Sir Galahad the Chaste (Michael Palin) is chased by seductive women. The wedding disrupted by Sir Lancelot (John Cleese) was filmed in the courtyard and Great Hall.The actor and writer, who passed away on Tuesday evening at the age of 77, has received plenty of praise from visitors on TripAdvisor for his "hilarious" efforts and "great humour" in producing the insightful clips. A taster can be heard here.Reacting to the sad news of Jones's passing, Historic Scotland posted on their Facebook page that the organisation was "raising a coconut shell" in the Monty Python founder's memory.Another actor to have lent his vocal chords to the castle's audio tour is Outlander lead Sam Heughan. Doune Castle appeared in the time-travelling television epic as the fictional Castle Leoch.And last year the Stirling stronghold was temporarily renamed 'Winterfell' in honour of its appearance in Game of Thrones and to mark the final season of the globally successful TV show.