20 words and phrases you'll remember from the playground if you went to school in Scotland

If you’ve ever asked a friend to chum you to the shop or done a punny then you’ll know these words and phrases well.

Wednesday, 4th September 2019, 4:19 pm
Picture: TSPL

Scots language is full of words that have different meanings, with many which are still said now but were mostly heard in the playground or at school. Here are 20 of our favourite...

A punny, short for punishment exercise or lines.
A janitor is, in itself, a word used widely in Scottish schools, but Scottish children often use the abbreviation jannie.

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Telling on someone or grassing them up to the teacher for doing something they shouldnt.
To accompany someone, or tag along with them.
Horrible, disgusting, vile. If something is particularly bad it'd be rank rotten.
Means stealing or taking something from a friend that they don't want you to have.
Talk a lot, often going off-subject or talking nonsense.
Means unfair or when something rubbish happens to you.
Any carbonated drink, whether it has fresh fruit juice in it or not.
Keeping a lookout for a teacher when friends are doing something they shouldn't.
Really angry. Mr Smith was pure ragin this morning.
To miss school/play truant.
At lunchtime you went for scran - food.
Collie back, also known as cuddie back, is a piggyback.
When something is really disgusting - that tastes boggin.
To ignore someone.
Also to ignore someone.
When something or someone is beautiful, great, fantastic.
Word meaning very good, when used combined with tidy means attractive member of the opposite sex.
Might sound like an agreement but is often used as a sarcastic term when you dont believe something.