Edinburgh retro: 17 photos of Edinburgh's lost Woolworths stores - including their famous Pick ‘n’ Mix sweets

Woolworths was a high street institution beloved by generations of Edinburghers – and especially the little ones, who would spend their hard-earned pocket money on their famous Pick ‘n’ Mix.

Truth told, high street shopping has never been the same since Woolies shut up shop back in 2008.

Edinburgh and the Lothians had several Woolworths stores, and Capital locals will fondly recall the outlets at the Foot of Leith Walk, on Lothian Road, and the chain’s giant flagship department store on Princes Street, which seemed to sell absolutely everything, from fruit and veg and children’s sweets to the latest toys and household goods.

Have a look through our gallery to see 21 photos of Edinburgh’s lost Woolworths stores – and let us know your own memories in the comments section before you go.