Comedy review: Ian Smith: Flappable

Ian Smith: Flappable. Pic: Comp
Ian Smith: Flappable. Pic: Comp
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NOT quite insane or angry enough to be Rhod Gilbert, Northern enough but not quite as surreal as Vic Reeves, nevertheless Yorkshire comic Ian Smith combines enough of the two to pull together a relatively gentle hour of observation of what he sees as the unexpected.

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His Gilbert-esque riff on trying to get a spoon from a train buffet car to eat a yogurt will chime with rail travellers to Edinburgh, although some might find his gag about creating a line only for those intending to kill themselves to prevent inconveniencing passengers to be bordering on the tasteless.

The routine about soap characters changing actors is well enough observed, but being based largely around Neighbours is a bit on the long side, especially if, like me, a working life means the last time you saw the show was before Kylie had sung a note.

Talking of spoons, he certainly worried about taste when he inadvertently spoonerised a line about kids and Smarties.

Instead of “they were a good sweet to have when you were a kid”, what came out was “they were a good kid to have... I hope there aren’t any reviewers in,” he quickly added. Oops! No harm done, Ian. I knew what you meant. You’re too nice to threaten or upset anyone.

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