Comedy review: Margoh Channing

MargOh Channing is Tipsy. Pic: Comp
MargOh Channing is Tipsy. Pic: Comp
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MARGOH’S life has taken a few bad turns, so is it any wonder that she’s taken to drink? The daughter of a poor fishmonger from Bangor, Maine, she’s lived the ultimate hard knock life.

* * *


Abused, taken to live with her lesbian auntie and forced to tend bar at her disreputable saloon on Delancey Street, MargOH’s been pushed around, but she’s still here. Recounting her life story with verve, gusto, and a few hiccups, MargOH punctuates her tale with songs in the key of strife.

Discovered by Russ Meyer, who admired her bodacious tatas, she moved to Hollywood and temporarily changed her name to Alania Capri, but her career crashed after making Common-Law Cabin.

Crawling back to Tinsel Town bruised but not beaten, MargOH decided to become a legendary film extra. Along the way she had more than a few dressing room adventures and married the child actor Rodney Allen Rippy.

MargOH is deeply delusional about her talents – her singing’s less than mellifluous, though not lacking in emotion – but ruthlessly honest about her dysfunctionality. She’s flanked by two scantily clad men, both of whom do sing like dreams. One is MAN-ee Champagne, her longsuffering gayiancée, and their rousing version of I Got You, Babe is a highlight.

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