Edinburgh redheads set for ‘ginger rights’ march

Redhead: Karen Gillan. Picture: Jon Savage
Redhead: Karen Gillan. Picture: Jon Savage
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MILITANT redheads are set to march through the Old Town under the first ever ginger pride rally.

Hundreds of fed-up flame haired protestors are expected to take part in next month’s event after it was rubber-stamped by the council.

Ginger nuts

Ginger nuts

Organisers say the protest will highlight the sort of “ginge” taunts they suffer on a daily basis.

The protest march, which is expected to attract hundreds of people, is the idea of Canadian comic Shawn Hitchins.

He declined to comment but he tweeted earlier this week: “Just got official permission from Edinburgh Council to host a Ginger Pride Walk on Aug 10, Details to follow!”

Hitchins’ is putting on a show at the Edinburgh Fringe called Ginger Nation, exploring what it means to be a redhead.

Genetics expert, Professor Allan Jamieson, director of the private Forensic Institute in Glasgow, said despite the fact Scotland has one of the highest concentrations of redheads in the world, discrimination against ginger haired people is still rife.

He said: “There is no biological reason for them to be treated any differently. They are a bit more special in that it’s a recessive gene and both parents have to be carrying the gene to produce a ginger child.

“But having red hair doesn’t make a person any better or any worse than anyone else.”

Former Scottish Youth Parliament chairman and Big Brother John Loughton, 25, originally from Pilton, said: “I always see being ginger as the last acceptable form of


“At school I didn’t get as much hassle as other people because I’m quite a big guy. I do try to take the jibes with a pinch of salt, but there is a nasty undercurrent to them. Even in a place like Edinburgh where lots of people are ginger, you hear a lot of comments.”

But John, who is the founding director of youth leadership group Dare2Lead, has mixed feelings about the planned march. He said: “It will be very good if it manages to help young people feel proud of their ginger roots, but if it just creates another reason for people to slag them off then it will be counter-productive.”

Edinburgh council confirmed it has approved the march, which will follow a route from North Bridge to High Street.

Some of the world’s most glamorous women – from Dr Who actress Karen Gillan to Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson – are redheads.