Preview: Harvey, Garvey & The Kane

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ALL three of us absolutely adore Edinburgh and can’t get enough of the Festival. However, each year we’ve watched a certain section of society grow and grow and we find it increasingly disquieting.

People Who Wear Plastic Ponchos.

Who in their right mind books a trip to Edinburgh and doesn’t pack a coat? Nobody in their right mind does that.

Which leads us to believe that if you’re wearing one of these atrocities you must be a halfwit. As you can tell from our chosen profession we’re not opposed to making ourselves look ridiculous, but even we draw the line at dressing like a colourblind Jawa.

Perhaps even more disturbing than the primary colour poncho, or the, (God help us), poncho in the colours of a national flag, is the alarming rise of the transparent poncho.

Go back and watch Terry Gilliam’s 1981 masterpiece Time Bandits. You’ll notice all the denizens in the Fortress of Ultimate Darkness, all of Evil’s idiot henchmen, are wearing one common item…

We’re most excited, however, to see how well we’ll cope with shifting to Edinburgh Time. When you’re 20-something it’s easy to stay up till 4am, eat your breakfast at 3pm and start work at 5pm, but as you get older, (and we are), it becomes very difficult.

Problems start when you wake up expecting to hear the Today programme and it’s already World At One. Actually, problems probably start when you find yourself measuring out your day by Radio 4 programmes…

Harvey, Garvey & The Kane, Underbelly, Bristo Square, until Sunday, 4.55pm, £11-£12, 0131-226 0000