Preview: Julian McCullough: Dream Girls

Julian McCullough. Pic: Comp
Julian McCullough. Pic: Comp
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IT’S doubtful many comedians can remember their first wisecrack, but Julian McCullough can. All the more impressive as he was only six years old at the time.

THE first time I got a laugh on purpose I was six years old. I was at a party full of artist types with my parents and quickly surrounded by a few women who were in their 30s.

They seemed to prefer the company of a six year old to the many pony-tailed men in black turtlenecks milling about, so I was in heaven.

At one point one of these ladies asked me, “Who are you here with?” I replied, “My mom. But don’t worry, she said I could sleep over.”

I’ve been chasing the laugh I got from that joke ever since. My dream is to do it nightly on television like David Letterman or Jimmy Fallon.

I name those two because they represent my favourite styles of comedy: cynicism and silliness. They are also very, very rich.

The reason I want to do it nightly as myself, rather than as an actor, dates back to my childhood as well.

My first word was not ‘mama’ or ‘papa’ but ‘ball’.

Apparently I was obsessed with rolling a ball back and forth with anyone for as long as they would tolerate it.

My mom told me that it was my need for connection with another person. As an adult, I’ve turned comedy into my ‘ball’ (mostly because of lack of talent with an actual ball sport).

Being a late night talk show host would be like having access to the biggest balls in the world! I should probably rephrase that.

 Julian McCullough: Dream Girls, Pleasance Courtyard, 10.45pm, until Sunday, £10-£14, 0131-226 0000