Review: Barbara Nice

Barbara Nice: Squirrel Proof Pic: Comp
Barbara Nice: Squirrel Proof Pic: Comp
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THE Fringe’s favourite housewife is back – and this time she’s after your nuts.

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Pesky squirrels are upsetting the middle-aged Stockport mother-of-five’s gardening, so beware anyone who attempts a nibble while her back is turned.

A regular visitor to the festival, the squirrely premise allows Nice (aka Janice Connelly) further opportunity to make her brand of comedy even more accessible.

She still likes to crowd-surf (to Disney’s Frozen soundtrack no less), has literally (hand)bags of spirit-raising sarcasm and isn’t afraid to take a wee pop at anyone if she feels it’ll do them some good.

Don’t worry, though. Nice doesn’t aim to make you feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, she has an innate skill for taking people out of their shells, transforming stiff crowds into laughing machines more than willing to join in the fun.

And you’ll understand just why over 60 minutes in this nutty, post-lunch pick-me-up.

Suitable for anyone aged 9-to-90, you can’t but help fall in love with Barbara Nice. Her inclusive approach is to be admired as well as laughed along with, so don’t be surprised if you end up leaving the venue pretending to be a squirrel singing The Bare Necessities.

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