‘Too expensive and long enough’: Readers thoughts on the Edinburgh Festival

Edinburgh Evening News readers voice their concern over ticket prices and plans to expand the Festivals. Some were in favour however... Picture; PA
Edinburgh Evening News readers voice their concern over ticket prices and plans to expand the Festivals. Some were in favour however... Picture; PA
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A number of our readers took to social media yesterday to bemoan the prospect of extending the Edinburgh Festival, and it was clear that such a proposal was not their only issue.

Many pointed out to the Edinburgh Evening News that the ticket prices were too expensive for locals and mainly focussed on tourists.

But do you agree? We have clipped together the best comments on the Festival extension proposal and the price overall.

Karen Swift wrote: “Nothing wrong with it happening in August, the city handles it fine. Roadworks during, when we have a city bursting with people is a completely different matter. Also hotel prices and ticket prices need looking at, this year hasn’t been as busy and its no wonder, as the prices are horrendous!”

Elizabeth Thomson was against the idea and was unimpressed by costing, She said: “Couldn’t think of anything worse. 4 weeks of tourist hell is bad enough never mind 4 months. Would be nice if the cost of these things could be made affordable for locals too rather than cashing in on tourists.”

Lynn Gray disagreed that it was too expensive however saying: “I think it would ruin the buzz ... as for being expensive for locals ... there is something out there for every pocket , friends of the fringe 2-1 deals ..and hasn’t anyone heard of saving up !!! Not like it doesn’t happen every August and you can’t prepare”

Susan Wenck thought of an alternative proposal saying: “Set aside a percentage of tickets, room, etc for locals. They can register by address or drivers license.”

Adam Rosa said: “Run it all year round and use the extra profit to relocate the local residents somewhere less infuriating.”

Lyndsey Dickson said: “Start with introducing a tourist tax to help pay back into the system helping local residents at least receive something from the disruption.”

Former Fringe promoter and now one of the city’s MPs, Tommy Sheppard outlined eight benefits to the city including easing of congestion within the city centre, helping visitors find accommodation and allowing more locals to attend events.

Katie-Louise Brown said: “It’s actually torturous getting anywhere in Edinburgh during the festival for the people who actually live and work here.”

Kirsty Leslie added: “He better have a plan for extending resources for the NHS given the hit it takes over this period without any extra provision as it is.”

Brian Meighan said: “It’s worked in respect of the film and jazz festivals moving to July. Don’t know how well it would work being spread out too long though as it may thin it out too much.”

An online commenter called JP987 said: 
“Tommy is absolutely spot on with his suggestions. Makes sense to have the Fringe coincide with the Scottish school holidays, and the idea of splitting 
the events up over the whole summer is wholly sensible.”

Marlene St John Ayre added: “It’s very tiring trying to get buses and dodging all the prams and tourists. No point extending the festival. Only glad when it all ends.”