Cowgate set for Old Town street food festival

Three Sisters events manager Sharon Norris shows the way. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
Three Sisters events manager Sharon Norris shows the way. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
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FOOD lovers are in for an Easter treat when the Cowgate hosts the Capital’s newest festival this spring.

The Old Town Street Food Festival, held in The Three Sisters courtyard, will feature pop-up eateries Smokey & The Bandit, Pink Taco and Big Al’s Chicken Shack.

DJs and bands will also be on the menu to create a party atmosphere, with acts lined up including Model Aeroplane, Tijuana Bibles, Kids On Bridges and The Duke Detroit.

Held over three spring holidays – Easter Sunday on April 20, May 4 and May 25 – the host venue will also provide its own craft ale and cocktail bar on the top floor of the courtyard’s double-decker bus.

The bus itself has already been painted with an Old Town landscape by graffiti artists and, on its lower deck, will house vintage purveyors We Love To Boogie.

General manager of The Three Sisters and one of three organisers, Donal Hurrell, said the event would act as a “mini T in the Park”.

Mr Hurrell, 30, said: “We are beyond excited to be asked to host the first ever Old Town Street Food Festival.

“I think Edinburgh is crying out for this type of event. As far as I am aware, no-one else is really doing anything like it in Edinburgh.

“There is so much happening between the multi-staged music festival, vintage fair, ale festival, all of which could be a successful event on their own. I think adding these to a street food festival makes for a really fun and exciting event.”

Fellow organisers Graham Suttle, 34, and Stuart MacKinlay, 35, said the festival would prove to be a “real exploration of street food across Scotland” with “some really strong operators” set to feature.

Mr Suttle said: “We are discovering some fantastic, world-class street food guys who are really going to town on it.

“It’s exciting and it’s one of those trends that’s allowed people with a real passion but not necessarily the capital required to get moving and that’s a big barrier for people.

“We are getting the cream of the crop – it’s all about the flavour and it gives the customer something that they might not have got somewhere else.

“We are bringing some pretty exciting stuff to the forefront and pretty interesting things – we have great hopes it’s going to be a big success.”

“The quality of the stuff you could easily get served on a plate in a restaurant.”

On the menu

SMOKEY & The Bandit, Pink Taco and Big Al’s Chicken Shack will serve menus featuring handmade burgers, pulled pork in a brioche bun with vinegar slaw, mac and cheese, real American hotdogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, tacos, burritos and chicken.

To wash it down, there will be seven different bars, including a Real Ale pop-up bar, craft beers and specialist lagers and ciders.