John Gibson: A breath of Leith air in Newington

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They’ve moved. From Leith’s waterfront up town to the other side of the city. A husband-and-wife partnership largely behind the success of Daniel’s Bistro on Leith’s Commercial Street until Daniel Wencker’s much-lamented departure.

Denis Guillonneau, who head cheffed there since it opened as Daniel’s 16 years ago, and Edinburgher Alison, the manager for nine years, in an amicable flitting upped saucepans and headed for the Newington area.

“We had to find our own way when we heard Daniel’s was up for sale,’’ says Nantes-born Denis, “And we’d seen the potential in a place at the Salisbury Hotel.

“We’ve leased it from the hotel and independently we’ve now launched our Cafe Cassis Bistro to encouraging custom these past three months. The locals seem to like us and we’ve got some customers we had in Leith staying loyal.’’

Married 16 years, there’s a touch of the trade about how they met. Their first date was arranged by Michael Brice, then Dunstane House head chef.

Alison lives in hope. “Ultimately we’d want have to have a place all of our own.’’ Here or in her husband’s land of the gastronome? “Edinburgh every time!’’

Takes the biscuit

Infredible. Fred the Shred, the total banker, could also be tagged Fred the Freak. Somebody slip one of those lightsome pink wafers on to the biscuit tray and he’ll throw an almighty hissy, a book is revealing. God knows what would have happened had RBS catering run short of custard creams.

For Goodwin, read Rudewin. Touch of the weirdo about the man who sank the bank, from some accounts and from some of the mug shots.