Recipe: Turkey & Cranberry Quiche

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GREAT for using up all the meaty leftovers from Christmas Dinner.

You can use turkey, stuffing, sliced chipolatas and bacon – whatever you have!

Shortcrust Pastry

6oz plain white flour

3oz chilled butter

Pinch of salt

Cold water – about 50ml

Rub cubes of butter into flour and salt till mixture resembles coarse breadcrumbs.

Add water and mix with your hands till pastry binds together into a ball. Cover with cling film and leave to rest in fridge for at least 15 minutes (this makes pastry easier to roll out).

Of course you can blitz all ingredients together in a food processor or even cut yourself some slack and use ready-made chilled or frozen pastry.

Roll out pastry and line 9 inch quiche tin then bake blind for 20 minutes in pre-heated oven at 180C, before removing beans and returning to oven for further 5 minutes.

TIP: I use 5 layers of cling film rather than greaseproof paper which helps the baking beans hold the pastry right to the edges and stops the rim from burning – don’t worry, it doesn’t melt over your pastry.


4oz Brie/Cheddar or any cheese you fancy

Meat leftovers

Cranberry sauce or dried cranberries

3 large eggs (beaten)

Double Cream and Milk (half of each – enough to make egg mixture up to pint of liquid)

Place your sliced/grated cheese in bottom of cooked pastry case then spoon in the meat leftovers (don’t overfill).

Spoon little dollops of cranberry sauce evenly (not too much or it won’t set) or scatter dried cranberries, over mix.

Pour all of beaten egg/cream/milk mixture over filling.

Finally season with salt and black pepper and return to oven at 180C for 30 minutes till golden and set.

Christmas Pud Smoothie

In a blender, crumble the leftover of your Christmas pudding. Add some ice cream and milk and blend to a smooth consistency. For the adults, you can add a glug of brandy sauce as well.

• Fiona MacInnes is head chef at Porto and Fi, 47 Newhaven Main Street, 0131-551 1900, and 9 North Bank Street on The Mound, 0131-225 9494.