10 signs Christmas is coming to Edinburgh too early

With summer winding down, people already seem to be thinking about Christmas, despite the fact that it’s still a few months away.

By Rhona Shennan
Thursday, 12th September 2019, 4:14 pm
Are you excited for Christmas in Edinburgh?
Are you excited for Christmas in Edinburgh?

These are all the signs that you know Christmas has arrived way too early in Edinburgh.

The Christmas decorations at the Dome in Edinburgh are iconic, with tinsel and lights adorning the famous pillars on George Street. Donning their Christmas gear in October, that's when Edinburgh residents know Christmas is here
Christmas decorations and advent calendars are slowly making their way into shops earlier and earlier each year. It seems like shops have no shame selling Christmas gear when it's still temperatures of 20C

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With Primark announcing its line of Christmas jumpers in the past merely at the end of September, it seems like the clothing chain is happy to bypass Halloween altogether and launch straight into the festivities
With the chaos of the Fringe over with, Edinburgh folks don't get to enjoy a quiet city centre for too long, as before you know it, shopping on Princes Street will become a nightmare again as people begin stocking up for Christmas
It won't be long until Hollywood starts rolling out the Christmas films they've been sitting on all year - wanting to leave enough time for as many people as possible to see it, it's likely they'll start getting released soon
If there's one thing that screams Christmas in Edinburgh - it's the market. Once the big wheel is up and the stalls begin construction, Christmas is on its way, whether you think it's too early or not
While the cinema Christmas releases are easily avoidable, there's another Christmas red flag that can't be avoided quite as easily - Christmas classics getting shown on a loop on TV. Enjoy watching Love Actually for the 100th time
Nobody wants to be left out of the festive fun, and bars and restaurants are taking Christmas bookings earlier and earlier, so planning for the Christmas night out also starts earlier each year
Over the years, people have tweeted their disbelief at seeing the DFS Christmas advert as early as 14 October and Morrisons Christmas advert a week earlier on 6 October
There is one solace in it all - while it seems like Christmas is starting earlier and earlier, the people of Scotland know it's not really Christmas until the Irn Bru advert graces our TV screens