10 things everyone from Edinburgh should give up for Lent

Some people give up chocolate, but this one’s for Edinburgh locals who want to think outside the box in the run up to Easter this year.

By Alex Watson
Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 3:33 pm
Updated Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 3:42 pm
There are a few habits Edinburgh locals could do with breaking (Photo: Shutterstock)
There are a few habits Edinburgh locals could do with breaking (Photo: Shutterstock)

Everyone gets stuck in a rut now and again, and Edinburgh residents are no exception. Here are 10 things we think everyone from Edinburgh could do with giving up between now and Easter.

Yes, they were expensive. Yes, they were disruptive. Yes, we could be about to go through it all over again. But the trams are here to stay, so lets change the record - for the next 40 days, at least.
We love a slice as much as the next person, but the number of pizza purveyors in Scotlands capital is getting a little out of hand. If youve been indulging a little too often lately, maybe its time to put the pepperoni down for Lent.

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Stop trying to kid yourself - its too windy in Auld Reekie for that umbrella, and its all going to end in tears. Put the brolly down, and get your hood up until Easter rolls around.
Why are we putting on a brave face and trying to pretend its warm enough to stand outside eating and drinking? Lets vow to put these kinds of events on hold for Lent. Or maybe even until summer actually arrives.
Whether its at a bus stop or outside the hottest new restaurant, Edinburgh locals are pros at queueing. For Lent, why not take a leaf out of almost every other citys book and just decide not to. Let chaos reign.
Not alcohol, but as in salt and. If youre a slave to chippy sauce, try going without for the next 40 days.
They arent used to being in such beautiful, historic surroundings all the time, and its mean to laugh at them for taking endless photos of a cafe JK Rowling might have drunk a cup of tea in once.
Its just not time yet. If youre sitting out in the Meadows trying to catch some rays in March, somethings gone wrong. Give it a rest until Easter, at least.
Its one of the citys most favourite pastimes, but its a bit of a negative one. Give the bikes (and their riders) a break for a wee while.
This is going to be a tough one as Edinburgh is famous for its gin, but you can just adopt a different signature spirit for Lent. Rum, anyone?