17 Halloween pictures you'll remember if you grew up in Edinburgh

Take a look back at Halloween before pumpkins and trick or treating.

Wednesday, 2nd October 2019, 11:40 am
Picture: TSPL

Before trick or treating and pumpkins came guising, neep lanterns and dookin’ for apples. Here were look at some pictures of Halloween celebrations and traditions in Edinburgh.

Little Michael Haughian of Clermiston, Edinburgh, gets to work on his robot costume for Halloween 1951.
It was usual to 'do a turn' when out guising and sing a song or tell a joke at the houses that you called at. These children in Leith count their guising money back in 1951.
A Halloween party held at Lauriston community centre in October 1970. Dooking for apples.

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A traditional game on a Scottish Halloween - catching the treacle scone at a children's Halloween party at Greenside Parish Church in Edinburgh, 1971.
Elizabeth Watson dooking for apples in November 1971 at the children's Halloween party at Greenside Parish Church in Edinburgh.
Guisers hand over money to Margaret Bayne, Convener of Lamb's House in Leith in 1967.
Tweedie Memorial Boys Club hold their Halloween party at the West Port, 1956. Boys dooking for apples, which was a common Scottish tradition at Halloween.
The Tweedie Memorial Boy's Club Halloween party showing boys dookin' for apples in 1967.
Young Edinburgh guisers warm their hands over their turnip lanterns at Halloween 1956.
Young guisers dressed up with their musical instruments in 1967.
Elizabeth Smail on a trampoline during a Halloween party at The Kangaroo Trampoline Centre in Portobello.
Children's Halloween party at Greenside Parish Church in Edinburgh - three girls in fancy dress lighting their turnip lantern in November 1971.
Canongate women's social club - dooking for apples at their Halloween party
Fiona Kukk in spider costume with her friend dressed as a pumpkin lantern for the Guisers Parade on Edinburgh's Royal Mile, a highlight of the Guys and Guisers programme specially for children around Halloween, October 1988.
Halloween fair at Abbotsford Lodge Hall in 1964
Halloween party held by Hutchison Moat and Chesser Community Association in St Cuthberts School Hall in 1964.
Gilmerton Dykes Womens Guild - Halloween Party in Hyvots Bank School in 1963.