19 adorable Edinburgh small animals in urgent need of a forever home

These 19 rescue small animals are in desperate need of a permanent, loving home.

By Helen Johnson
Wednesday, 11th September 2019, 2:27 pm
Small animals
Small animals

Scottish SPCA is currently taking care of several rabbits, birds, ferrets, mice and guinea pigs, some of which have tragic backgrounds. These are all the small animals currently up for adoption.

Reference: 352235. Figaro enjoys long daytime naps and is always curious to see what the daily goings on are in the ferret shed. He will need a new home with a spacious enclosure, where he can potentially make new friends.
Reference 351469. Anton is curious and cheeky, and is looking for a patient and experienced owner who can help him become more sociable. Anton would also benefit from the company of other rabbits to share his home with.

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Reference: 351502. Dustin is looking for a new home where he could possibly have some new ferret friends in the future. Due to his reduced vision he will need an experienced owner and cannot be homed as a working ferret.
Reference: 342019. He is a big lad who can sometimes act too big for his boots, but with a firm owner and no other cockerels around he will make a great addition.
Reference: 352391. These three domestic mice are really friendly, well handled and all get on very well, so would be able to be rehomed together. They would love a new home to explore and have new adventures in.
Reference 347829. Macy is very independent and would benefit from an experienced owner who will continue to socialise her and possibly allow her to make some new bunny friends.
Reference: 352393. These four domestic mice arrived after being found straying. They are really friendly and all get on very well, so would be able to be rehomed together, or in two pairs.
Reference: 341903. Oscar is looking for some much needed love and attention, and is very friendly, well handled, and enjoys a little tickle on the head from his human friends.
Reference: 351250. Ovie was found as a stray and is now ready to find his new home, where he can have lots of space to play around in. He is now looking for a forever home with an owner knowledgeable in ferret care.
Reference: 352113. Teddy and Bear are quite nervous, and would benefit from a quiet home with a patient and experienced owner. They will need to go to a new home together, with a set up big enough to be able to scurry around.
Reference: 348263. Rocky enjoys whistling and admiring himself in his mirror. Rocky will need to be the only bird in the household as due to a previous respiratory infection, there is the possibility that he may be a carrier.
Reference 350671. Tommy is always curious to meet new people, and would love a nice big enclosure to be able to run and hop about in. He may also enjoy having a friend once successfully bonded.
Reference: 352355. Ringo is looking for a new home after his owner sadly passed away. He enjoys having chit chat with the other birds and is very sociable. A new owner will need to have experience and knowledge of these birds.