Edinburgh pizza place Civerinos launches superfood pizza with 'glowing skin' health benefits

Edinburgh pizza restaurant Civerinos has teamed up with leaf tea experts Eteaket to launch a limited edition superfood pizza which lists 'glowing skin' among its health benefits.

The matcha pizza 'Marco Polo' is made from the matcha superfood which is said to be both high in energy and taste.

Other reported health benefits of matcha - one teaspoon of which has 60 times more antioxidants than spinach - is the potential to improve heart health and diabetes.

The new pizza will be available from Civerinos Slice in Edinburgh's Forrest Road, from October 31st until November 8th.

The matcha 'Marco Polo' pizza.

It will be produced daily in limited numbers for £5 a slice.

A spokeswoman for the new pizza launch said that each slice is very large and is a meal in itself.

The slice, which is completely vegan, is topped with Civerinos' famous sugo, patatas bravas, rocket and Asian onion. For those who prefer a classic, Civerinos is offering their famous margarita with a matcha base on a 'grandma slice.'



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Matcha, a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves, has been around since the 12th Century.

It is typically found in Japan where it is shade grown before being ground into a fine powder using stone mills.

Matcha is used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies which last four hours, to create an 'out of body experience.'

Culinary grade Matcha is what is often used in cooking with ceremonial grade matcha being the highest possible standard of matcha.


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When Eteaket`s founder, Erica Moore visited Japan in 2017 she sourced a high quality ceremonial grade matcha from a small tea farmer in the Uji region in Japan.

The superfood is reportedly naturally high in flavonoids and catechins – which are thought to have a positive effect on the body through their apparent anti-oxident effect.

Some of the reported health benefits of Matcha are:

Glowing skin


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Helps to burn some calories with its naturally occurring caffeine levels

Aids in energy and concentration

Matcha could help improve heart health and diabetes