Escape to the Chateau: ninth series will be last on Channel 4 for Dick & Angel Strawbridge

The Strawbridge family confirm that the ninth season of Escape to the Chateau will be their last.

Channel 4 has announced that popular reality television series Escape to the Chateau wll be ending after it’s upcoming ninth series.

The programme followed Dick Strawbridge, Angel Strawbridge and their children as they renovated their French chateau.

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Over the years, viewers have watched as Dick and Angel transferred their home from worn out building to stunning home that they also use as an events venue..

Fans were sad to hear the news that the show was cancelled by Channel 4 when a newsletter from the Strawbridge family was issued with a headline:: "The Ninth and Final Series of Escape to the Chateau."

Dick and Angel Strawbridge, stars of Escape to the Chateau, and their children.

So, when is Escape to the Chateau ending? Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming ninth and final season.

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When does Escape to the Chateau start?

Escape to the Chateau series nine does not have an official start date but will return this autumn with eight one hour episodes.

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What will happen in Escape to the Chateau series nine?

The Chateau is officially open for business after two years of closure, making up for lost time with weddings, events and its biggest Christmas party.

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Viewers have been assured that they can expect more heartwarming adventures and innovative renovation ideas before the series wraps, including repurposing an original cider barrel and turning an old garden trellis into a Flower Storage Chandelier.

What have the Strawbridge family said?

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The family confirmed the news of the show’s ending, as well as news on its start date in a newsletter to fans that read: "We are delighted to announce our ninth series of Escape to the Chateau will be starting soon in the UK. As soon as we have a date, you will be the first to know!

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"Escape to the Chateau has been our family journey; our decision to buy a Chateau with no water, electricity, heating or sewage has taken us on the adventure of a lifetime and we could never have imagined what would unfold.”

Dick and Angel added: “The good, the bad and the ugly… we have cherished every second and love that we have a visual record to show Arthur and Dorothy when they’re older.

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"We’re so grateful to everyone who continues to support us and we’re looking forward to what the future holds. As one Chateau chapter ends, so another Chateau story begins."

Will the Strawbridges be in a new show?

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Short answer, yes. It seems that more shows with our favourite family are in the pipeline.

A spokesperson for the show said: “The Strawbridges return to the screen this autumn (8 x 60 min episodes) for more heart-warming family adventures, innovative renovations and spectacular celebrations in their ninth and final series of Escape to the Chateau.

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“For those who have followed their journey, fear not; Channel 4 has commissioned Escape to the Chateau: Secret France (wt) due to air in 2023. It follows Dick and Angel’s adventures, unlocking the secrets of France and, with the couple’s desire to seek the unexpected and the extraordinary, anything could happen!”