A few simple tips can keep your dog happy and healthy during periods of hot weather.

Keeping Dogs Cool 2022: Here are 9 expert tips on keeping your adorable dog cool and avoiding heatstroke 🐕

As the met office releases its weather predictions for June, the UK is set to experience "a lot of dry weather" and warm temperatures.

As the weather warms up and we get our first glimpses of summer, we won’t be the only ones running to find the sunniest spot in the garden.

And with heatwaves becoming more common due to global warming, many parts of the world are experiencing extreme heat on a regular basis.

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Our furry companions often love basking in the sunshine just as much as we do, but unfortunately, too much exposure to sun, heat and summer relat ed activities can be problematic.

To help you out veterinary surgeon Dr Linda Simon, from pet food experts Pooch & Mutt, has some top tips and expert advice on how you can keep your pooch as safe as possible this summer.

Here’s her advice.

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