If you welcome these breeds of dog into your home you should keep an eye on your new pet's waistline.

These are the 10 most greedy breeds of adorable dog that need an eye kept on their waistline - including the loving Labrador ๐Ÿ•

Some dog breeds just love their food so need their families to make sure they donโ€™t pile on the puppy pounds.

Monday, 20th June 2022, 11:40 am

A huge number of us decided to welcome new puppies into our homes in the last couple of years โ€“ Kennel Club figures show dog ownership soared by nearly 8 percent โ€“ and post-lockdown demand for four-legged friends remains high.

There are a whopping 221 different breeds of pedigree dog to choose from, alongside numerous crossbreeds, so thereโ€™s plenty of thinking to do before you select your familyโ€™s latest addition.

Our lifestyle has a huge bearing on which type of dog will work best for us โ€“ if you have limited space you might want to look at small dogs, while the more elderly pet owner should place certain breeds at the top of their wishlist.

Meanwhile, certain breeds have particular attributes which mean that they need a little extra looking after, including some dogs that are predisposed to putting on weight and becoming unhealthy.

These dogs just donโ€™t know when they are full, so careful portion control, ensuring they arenโ€™t able to steal food, and regular weigh-ins are key to them living long and healthy lives.

Here are the 10 greediest breeds of dog, according to the American Kennel Club.

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