Edinburgh-based brewery Vault City teams up with comedian Ed Gamble to brew new charity beer

An Edinburgh-based brewery has launched a new charity beer, made with the help of comedian Ed Gamble, to celebrate the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The limited edition brew, named “Canned Laughter”, is the latest creation by Edinburgh-based sour beer specialists Vault City Brewing.

The beer is made with apple, guava and a very special ingredient - laughter.

The stand-up comic played a key role in making the beer as he was tasked with laughing into the tanks during production, which he hopes will make people cheerful when they drink it.

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The collaboration came after Vault City Co-founder Steven Smith-Hay got in touch with Gamble, who described Vault City as “one of his favourite breweries” on the Off Menu podcast.

Mr Smith-Hay said: “As an Edinburgh brewery, we had to mark the Fringe, and what better way to do it than with a collab beer with my favourite comedian.

“It was such a buzz to hear that Ed was a fan of ours - the feeling is definitely mutual!

Comedian Ed Gamble and Vault City Brewing co-founder Steven Smith-Hay pose with new Canned Laughter sour beer.

“We sent him beers, then invited him into the brewery. One thing led to another and we decided to brew a beer together. We discussed his favourite flavours and beers in great detail before settling on the recipe. We’re buzzing with how it turned out.”

The idea to add laughter to the process came after Vault City exhibited at the Oslo Craft Beer Festival. There, the brewer heard about the ancient tradition of “yeast screaming” - a custom in Stjørdalen in Norway during which brewers scream into the fermenter as they pitch the yeast, to enhance the strength and flavour.

Mr Smith-Hay added: “We’re always researching ways to make our beer taste as good as possible, and we never want to be outdone. I thought we’d try laughter instead as we try to keep screaming to a minimum in the brewery.

“By that point, Ed was all-in and was delighted to laugh into the beer. And I’m glad he was up for it because it tastes amazing.”

Gamble and Smith-Hay giggle into the tanks of the new apple and guava flavoured sour beer.

Ed Gamble’s chosen charity, Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), will receive 20% of sales from Canned Laughter.

The Mock The Week star learned about Vault City from his Off Menu co-host James Acaster, who is a long-time fan of the sour beer producer.

The comedian, who recently completed a run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with his “Electric” show, said: “Vault City is one of my favourite breweries - their creativity knows no bounds and this beer might be their most imaginative yet.

“It was great to meet the team when I was in Edinburgh. Turning brewer for the day was a brilliant way to switch off from performing, even if my contribution was slightly unconventional.

“I might start laughing into all my drinks now, as I genuinely think it does improve the flavour.

“I can’t wait to hear what people think of the beer. CALM is a charity close to my heart so I am always keen to help out whenever I can.”

The beer will be available today (Friday, August 19) from Vault City’s website and bottle shops.