Irn-Bru will release two limited edition summer flavours - and you get to choose which ones get made

Irn-Bru is Scotland’s favourite soft drink, and now fans are getting treated to even more flavours from the fizzy juice giant.

Wednesday, 4th March 2020, 11:53 am
Updated Wednesday, 4th March 2020, 11:53 am
What flavour do you think sounds best? (Photo: AG Barr)

This is everything you need to know about the new flavours - and how to vote for your favourite.

What are the flavours?

Fans of Irn-Bru can rejoice this summer at the prospect of new flavours of the nation's favourite drink hitting supermarkets. Announced by Irn-Bru today, four new limited edition flavours could be up for grabs:

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- Tropical

- Candy Floss

- Marshmallow

- Ice Cream

But out of these four flavours, only two will actually be getting made for you to try. Irn-Bru fans are being asked to vote on their favourites, and the two flavours with the highest votes will be produced as part of the XTRA range for summer.

The two winning flavours will be sold across Scotland in either 500ml bottles for 99p or 1.5 litre bottles for £1.29 from the middle of May until the end of summer.

Adrian Troy, AG Barr Head of Marketing, said, “We know that IRN-RBU XTRA is a total knockout but we wanted to give BRU fans an XTRA treat this summer with two new phenomenal flavours.

“We’re bringing a whole new flavour sensation to the market and these new IRN-BRU summer limited edition flavours really do need to be tried to be believed. Whether you’re Clan Tropical, Ice Cream, Marshmallow or Candy Floss, the two winning flavours will be something totally new for BRU fans to enjoy.”

How to vote

The Irn-Bru Facebook page initially made the announcement today (4 March), saying, “4 flavours. Only 2 will be made. Vote for the one you most want here tomorrow. #Battleofthe Bottles”

Fans are being urged to get behind their favourite flavour and will be able to vote by using emojis to vote for different flavours.

The vote will start on Thursday (5 March) and will close on Friday at midnight.


Replying to the announcement on Twitter and Facebook, Irn-Bru fans let their opinions be known.

One Twitter user replied to Irn-Bru asking, “Can I have them all pleaseeeeeeee?”

Another wrote, “Tropical actually sounds nice, not gonna lie.”

Facebook users also expressed mixed opinions on the new flavours from Irn-Bru.

Seemingly not impressed with the offerings, one user tweeted, “All of them sound terrible to be honest,” with a laughing emoji.

Commenting under the Facebook post, someone wrote, “Whoever came up with this idea, sack them. Sack them immediately!”

Whereas another wrote, “Omg candy floss and ice cream,” with a love heart eyes emoji.