Recipes: Hazelnut meringue | Orange and almond sponge cake

Two gluten free recipes to try at home

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 28th September 2011, 1:30 am

Hazelnut meringue

(gluten free)


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For the meringue:

8 egg whites

450g caster sugar

2 tsp cornflour

4 tsp vanilla extract (not essence)

1 tsp white wine vinegar

For the filling:

300g hazelnuts (toasted and chopped)

250ml whipping cream

75g icing sugar

Couple of drops vanilla extract


Pre-heat oven to 175C.

Whisk egg whites until thick and stiff then gradually add in sugar. Continue to whisk until the mix holds itself in soft peaks.

Add in the cornflour, vinegar and vanilla extract and whisk well.

Divide the mix into two 9in round baking tins and place in the oven for approximately 35 to 40 minutes or until springy in the centre of meringue. Then leave to cool.

While the meringue is cooling, whip the cream, the icing sugar and vanilla extract together into soft peaks.

Once the meringue has fully cooled, cover the base with half the whipped cream and then sprinkle half the hazelnuts over the whipped cream and repeat for the top layer.

Optional – garnish with a selection of fruit and mint.

Orange and almond sponge cake

(gluten free)


500g caster sugar

450g ground almonds

200g orange flavour compound

12 eggs, separated


Pre-heat oven to 170C.

Whisk the egg whites and sugar together to form soft peaks. Whisk the yolks and ground almonds together until yolks become paler and lighter, then add the orange compound to the yolk mixture (mix well).

Fold the two mixtures together. Once fully combined, divide the mixture into two 9in round baking tins.

Place in the middle of the oven and bake for approximately 35 to 45 minutes, or until a butter knife can be inserted into the middle and come out clean.

Leave to cool.

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