Have a cocktail in the jungle at Panda & Sons

Panda and Sons staff
Panda and Sons staff
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THERE’S a new innovative cocktail experience just waiting to be discovered at the city’s barber-shop themed cocktail bar, Panda & Sons.

Called The Casablanca, the new cocktail is a multi-sensory showstopper inspired by the botanical, Cassia Bark.

The drinks appears to have been tapped directly from the Cassia Tree itself and is served in a noodle bowl, garnished with an ‘electric daisy’ which creates a numbing effect for the drinker.

Part of Bombay Sapphire’s A Gin of Ten Journeys initiative, enjoy your Casablanca in Panda & Sons’ specially-created Vietnamese-style ‘jungle’ room.

Working with a local botanist, the specially-created room will be filled with plants and flowers allowing you to explore textures, smells and sights not usual to a bar environment.

This unique serve will only be available for the next three weeks.

A Gin of Ten Journeys finds Bombay Sapphire partnering with 10 bars across Europe, each creating a unique botanical-inspired cocktail/drinking experience.

Each cocktail/experience celebrates one of the 10 botanicals found in Bombay Sapphire.

Consequently, A Gin of Ten Journeys’ will take intrepid travellers on a journey to explore the stories, myths and provenance behind the ten sustainability sourced botanicals used in the gin.

From juniper, lemon peel and coriander, to more exotic flavours such as Cassia Bark and Grains of Paradise, these delicate, balanced herbs, fruits and spices create the unique and smooth taste.

Based on a 1761 recipe, Bombay Sapphire gin is created by balancing a unique combination of 10 exotic botanicals from around the world.

The gin recently won the prestigious Double Gold and Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Panda & Sons, Queen Street, 4pm-1am, 0131-220 0443