Edinburgh house prices: 15 cheapest areas to buy a home in Scotland's capital city, including Gorgie and Restalrig

Here are the cheapest areas of Edinburgh to buy a house, according to the latest figures

Scotland's picture-postcard capital city is the most expensive part of Scotland when it comes to house prices – but there are still bargains to be had in some areas of Edinburgh.

As the rising cost of mortgages continues to put pressure on homebuyers’ budgets, the latest figures show the most affordable parts of the Capital to purchase a property.

Nationally, Inverclyde was the cheapest council area in Scotland to buy a home in 2022, with the average price coming in at £95,000 – nearly twice as cheap as the national average of £180,000. West Dunbartonshire was the second cheapest place in Scotland to buy, with an average sale price of £115,000, while in East Ayrshire and North Ayrshire the average price was £120,000, according to the new data published by the Scottish Government.

East Renfrewshire was found to have the highest average property price, with the average home costing £275,000.

In Edinburgh, the average property price in 2022 was £265,000.

The figures also revealed average house prices for more than 1,000 smaller neighbourhoods, where differences were even more pronounced. The neighbourhoods, officially known as intermediate zones, each contain between 2,500 and 6,000 households.

Here we reveal the cheapest neighbourhoods to buy a property in Scotland’s capital city, based on the median house price in 2022. Our analysis excludes areas with fewer than 10 house sales. The figures do not adjust for the different types of housing sold in different areas and averages can be affected by, for instance, new housing developments going on sale in an area that year.

Take a look through our picture gallery to see the 15 cheapest areas of Edinburgh to buy a home.