These are the areas in Scotland where you'll live longest - and where you'll die earliest

Scotland has the lowest life expectancy of all countries in the UK - and how long you’re expected to live depends on which area you live in.

Wednesday, 24th July 2019, 3:57 pm
Glasgow Necropolis burial ground statue of Victorian angel contemplating two modern high rise tower blocks against the skyline. (Picture: Shutterstock)

Over the past 35 years since the 1980s, life expectancy in Scotland has increased by 5.8 years for females and 7.9 years for males.

According to the statistics published by National Records of Scotland in 2017, baby boys born in Scotland are expected to live to 77.0 years, while girls should live to 81.1 on average.

And the good news is, this trend is set to continue, with life expectancy in Scotland set to reach 81.7 years for males and 84.5 years for females by 2041.

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A derelict council house in poor housing crisis ghetto estate slum in Port Glasgow - the most deprived areas of Scotland have the lowest life expectancy. (Picture: Shutterstock)

While gender has a big role in life expectancy, with women living longer in Scotland, there are a number of other factors at play, including diet, physical activity, alcohol consumption and smoking.

And one thing that has a major bearing on how long you'll live is location.

People tend to live shorter lives in deprived areas, where education and employment opportunities are limited and where there's less access to the resources and services people need for a healthy lifestyle.

And since disposable income has a major impact on how people live their lives, people living in poorer areas have a lower life expectancy.

Blonde sandstone buildings in Glasgow. (Picture: Shutterstock)

For both males and females, life expectancy is shortest in large urban areas. Glasgow has the lowest life expectancy in the country, with males living to 73.3 on average and females to 78.7.

Meanwhile, life expectancy at birth is highest in East Renfrewshire at 80.5 years for males and 83.7 years for females.

The life expectancy gap between the 20% most and least deprived areas of Scotland is 10.8 years for males and 7.9 years for females.

In alphabetical order, here’s the full list of life expectancy in each of Scotland's council areas.

Aberdeen cityMales - 76.9Females - 81.1

AberdeenshireMales - 76.9Females - 82.6

AngusMales - 78.2Females - 81.6

Argyll and ButeMales - 77.4Females - 82.2

City of EdinburghMales - 80.1Females - 83.3

ClackmannanshireMales - 76.7Females - 80.2

Dumfries and GallowayMales - 77.9Females - 81.8

Dundee CityMales - 73.9Females - 79.4

East AyrshireMales - 76.4Females - 80.0

East LothianMales - 78.3Females - 82.5

East RenfrewshireMales - 80.5Females - 83.7

FalkirkMales - 77.2Females - 80.5

FifeMales - 77.2Females - 80.8

Glasgow CityMales - 76.8Females - 82.8

Highland Males - 77.8Females - 82.6

InverclydeMales - 75.2Females - 79.7

MidlothianMales - 77.9Females - 81.6

MorayMales - 78.7Females - 81.9

Na h-Eileanan SiarMales - 76.8Females - 82.8

North AyrshireMales - 76.1Females - 80.2

North LanarkshireMales - 75.3Females - 79.4

Orkney IslandsMales - 79.5Females - 81.7

Perth and KinrossMales - 79.3Females - 82.5

RenfrewshireMales - 76.2Females - 80.2

Scottish BordersMales - 79.0Females - 82.4

Shetland IslandsMales - 78.3Females - 83.2

South AyrshireMales - 77.2Females - 81.1

South LanarkshireMales - 76.8Females - 80.7

StirlingMales - 78.8Females - 82.6

West DunbartonshireMales - 75.0Females - 79.1

West LothianMales - 78.1Females - 81.0