Maldives resort wants someone to run beach bookshop - how to apply

Are you a book loving sunworshipper looking for a change of career and scenery? Then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Does this sound like the perfect opportunity for you? (Photo: Shutterstock)
Does this sound like the perfect opportunity for you? (Photo: Shutterstock)

A luxurious resort in the Maldives is seeking a ‘Barefoot Bookseller’ to run its beach bookshop.

What’s the job?

The job comes from a collaboration between Ultimate Library and Soneva Fushi (a five star luxury resort in the Baa Atoll) who opened a pop-up bookshop in the Maldives last December. After a successful first season, the shop’s doors are opening up once again and it’ll need someone to run it.

The successful applicant will be flown out to the Maldives to join the Soneva team for a six month placement in mid October.

Your responsibilities would include:

- Day to day running of the bookshop, including things like sales management and engaging with guests

- Stock management and reporting back on sales and stock updates

- Hosting experiences for Soneva guests such as creative writing classes, bibliotherapy, tutoring (ages nine to 18) and literary lectures


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- Running the Barefoot Bookseller social media platforms, like Instagram

- Writing monthly blog posts and creating entertaining and informative newsletters

- Working with the Ultimate Library and Soneva marketing teams regarding potential events and collaborations

Who’s the ideal candidate?


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The Barefoot Bookseller position requires certain attributes from its applicants, such as:

- Having excellent written and verbal English skills

- A love for reading and in depth knowledge of both classical and modern literature

- Experience in bookselling or publishing is highly desirable


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- Strong knowledge of running social media pages and following trends

- Experience writing blogs or newsletters

- Being a team player and a self starter with a sense of fun and creativity

Also desirable, but not specifically required, is:


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- Experience in sales

- Experience with photography

- Experience with tutoring

How to apply


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If you think you’re perfect for this amazing opportunity, then all you have to do it send your CV and a covering letter to [email protected]

The deadline for the application is 1 September 2019 and your application must be written in English.


Applicants for the Barefoot Bookseller position must be 18 or over.


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International applicants are accepted for the role, if they have the previously stated excellent written and verbal English skills, and their application is in English too.

The terms and conditions listed on the Barefoot Bookseller website remind applicants:

- Due to a high volume of applicants, only successful candidates will receive a response

- Don’t try to apply using any other means other than the provided email address, like the Soneva website