Nico throws a double six for Capital diners

Edinburgh's new Six by Nico
Edinburgh's new Six by Nico
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RENOWNED Scottish-Italian chef Nico Simeone is set to bring his latest dining concept to the Capital’s city centre.

This April, Hanover Street will see the opening of Six by Nico, his third restaurant in Scotland, with the award-winning venues 111 by Nico and Six by Nico already well established on Glasgow’s restaurant scene.

The New Town restaurant will replicate the concept of his West Coast venue and will offer a series of carefully curated and constantly evolving menu concepts.

Pioneering a revolving culinary hub, every six weeks, Simone and his team aim to re-invent the wheel by serving a brand new six-course tasting-menu every six weeks, each one themed upon a different place, memory or idea.

Drawing inspiration from both at home and abroad, from the docklands of Leith to the vineyards of South America, ingredients, flavours, and dishes will combine to bring memories and stories creating new dining experiences.

Simone says, “We are very excited to bring an unforgettable culinary experience to Edinburgh. We have been overwhelmed by the success and the appeal of our first ‘Six by Nico’ in Glasgow, and we couldn’t be more delighted about bringing a completely new offering and dining experience to the people of Edinburgh.

“Using food as a narrative, each menu will tell a different story, taking guests on a new and exciting journey each time they visit. Each new chapter will be kept a surprise and new menus will remain secret and published two-weeks prior to the next theme.”

Boasting a minimal design, Six by Nico will feature a modern design open kitchen on view to all.

Simone adds, “Combining our focus on food and design, we love to create lifestyle dining environments that are dynamic yet relaxed - spaces customers love to dine in”.