Nominations open for Edinburgh Restaurant Awards 2018

You can have your say in our food and drink awards
You can have your say in our food and drink awards
Have your say

Edinburgh Evening News readers are being given the chance to vote for their favourite restaurant based on a number of categories.

Fine dining

We're looking for the best restaurant in the Capital

We're looking for the best restaurant in the Capital

We don’t necessarily want to see highly-polished silver and starched white tablecloths, because that is not always the way of fine dining these days. The very best can be found in many and unexpected formats, but in this category we are looking for one quality – a venue that aspires to excellence in everything it does. We want this winner to strive for the best in surroundings, service, cuisine and presentation.

Judges will consider: service, quality of food, presentation, taste, ingredients.

Best chef

No-one is more key to the success of a restaurant than its chef. The flair and skill of this person affects everyone else who works there, as well as the customer. We want to reward a chef who has shown inspiration and a desire to mould a restaurant in their form. We are looking beyond mere cooking skills to a person who can add that extra ingredient to create a staggering menu and take a restaurant to the next level.

Judges will consider: presentation, attention to detail, cooking skills used, taste, knowledge .

For more on our Edinburgh Restaurant Awards visit the official website HERE

Best newcomer

This is a category where we are open to suggestions. We want to be impressed but have no preconceived ideas. We want to judge the entries on the impression they have made in a relatively short space of time. The bottom line is we want impact, rather than an established record. This category applies to restaurants that have opened from January 2017 onwards.

Judges will consider: successes to date, first impressions, originality.

Best cafe/deli

You might go to escape the office for a while, catch up with friends over a coffee or run in to grab the meat and cheese selection that everyone has been raving about. It’s your greasy spoon or the newly opened delicatessen that has to be recognised.

Judges will consider: hot drinks quality/ variety, time to be served, quality of food, value for money.

Best value for money

The place that does £5 burgers on a Friday, the reduced lunch menu at a 5 star restaurant or even the place that does free desserts for kids, we are all about value for money. Vote for the place you leave thinking it was money well spent.

Judges will consider: quality for price, atmosphere, menu.

Edinburgh’s hidden gem

With more restaurants per head than any other city in the UK, there are bound to be places that may be off the beaten track or down the tiny streets you never manage to get to but are so amazing they need to be tried. We want to hear about the restaurants you won’t find in a guide book.

Judges will consider: location, popularity, visibility, type of food.

Best pub grub

Pub grub used to mean nuts, pork scratchings and prawn cocktail crisps. We have come far since then. Now it’s all about the burgers, pies and fish and chips. We want to hear about your local that does the best food, be it traditional or something a little special.

Judges will consider: value for money, quality of drinks, quantity of food, comfort.

Best family friendly

Tears, tantrums and ‘I don’t like anything’ is all part of the package when going out for family meals. We want to hear about the restaurants that have better kids menus that main menus, have that play area at the back of the room and where you won’t feel embarrassed for the spilt orange juice.

Judges will consider: menu for everyone, value for money, activities for children, atmosphere.

Best street food

This category reflects the growing trend in Edinburgh restaurants delivering food on the move – we’re talking about stalls, pop-ups and, yes, more well established places too which go out of their way to offer customers something to suit their busy lifestyle, without sacrificing quality. It’s quality food which has spread far beyond its country of origin.

Judges will consider: cooking methods, location, menu, quality of food, vibe.

Best vegetarian/vegan

With Veganuary over, many have converted from meat lovers to either vegetarian or vegan for life. But where can you find the restaurant that still makes your mouth water when looking at that butternut squash lasagne on the menu?

Judges will consider: unique ingredients, flavour, variety of options, accommodating to requests.

Best dining experience

It may be a visit to one of our Michelin starred restaurants, fish and chips at Portobello beach or afternoon tea at Edinburgh Castle...tell us what restaurants have the best experiences for their location, decor, staff and everything in between.

Judges will consider: ambiance, service, presentation, the food, uniqueness.

Best breakfast

Your tired, hungry and ready for the most important meal of the day. Will you keep it healthy with avocado toast or go all out with pancakes and maple syrup? Who knows, but we want to hear about the place that has it all.

Judges will consider: time to be served, menu variety, quantity and quality of breakfast, hot drinks quality/ variety.


Best seafood

A perfect natural larder, Scotland’s lochs, rivers and seas have provided us with some of the best seafood available anywhere in the world. Tell us about the place that serves up a delicious meal caught right on your doorstep.

Judges will consider: source of ingredients, freshness, variety of options, cooking methods, quality of dish elements.

Restaurant of the year

This is the cream of the crop, the one that you all love. We will consider restaurants nominated for this category and restaurants that have been nominated for any other category in our search for the restaurant of the year.


If you wish to nominate a restaurant for the Edinburgh Restaurant Awards 2018, make sure you visit our official site and fill out a nomination form before March 21.