10 things that annoy Scottish people about Edinburgh

Edinburgh has a lot of great attributes - its art, its culture, its history. But there are plenty of things about the capital city that Scots like to complain about, too.

By Rhona Shennan
Monday, 7th October 2019, 6:00 pm
Edinburgh has a lot going for it - it also has a lot not going for it as well
Edinburgh has a lot going for it - it also has a lot not going for it as well

Do any of these things really get under your skin?

While tourists across the UK can have a reputation for being annoying, the crown needs to go to Edinburgh tourists - especially during the Fringe. You may think they can't be that bad - you'd be wrong.
As good as the university is, the students of Edinburgh Uni have quite the reputation as being stuck up, relying on the bank of mum and dad and having a penchant for red trousers. No one wants to hear about your "gap yah".

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Toting the most expensive pint in Scotland, Edinburgh is not the place to go if you're looking for a cheap night out. It seems a lot of places liked the hiked up drinks prices of the Fringe and decided to keep them all year round
While we may not like it when other places make fun of our national instrument, we're allowed to get annoyed at the sheer numbers of bagpipers blaring on every free corner of the city - how about some peace and quiet?
Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, so it's bound to want to cash in on the millions of tourists that travel there every year - but talk about milking it for all its worth.
If you're looking to come to Edinburgh to live or study, be prepared for pretty much 100 per cent of your money each month go to an awful flat with a bathroom full of mould that you can barely afford
As a city supposedly so concerned with environmental issues, why is it so terrible for cyclists? There's a few dotted around the city, but on the whole it's a nightmare for anyone hoping to travel by bike
Scotland is a country that loves nature and as the capital, surely Edinburgh should reflect that? But Princes Street Gardens is perpetually in a dire state, whether it's getting dug up or blocked off to the public
It seems like everywhere in Edinburgh has some kind of claim to Harry Potter. Just because JK Rowling had lunch in your cafe once doesn't mean she wrote the whole series there.
God forbid you take a trip to Edinburgh in the car - driving in Edinburgh is a nightmare and trying to park is even worse. You'll walk away at the end of the day having paid an arm and a leg for the pleasure