Can you get 10/10 in our ‘Where Am I?’ Edinburgh quiz?

With so long spent in lockdown, you may have started to forget what Edinburgh looks like

Wednesday, 17th June 2020, 1:59 pm
Updated Wednesday, 17th June 2020, 2:00 pm
Do you have what it takes to get 10/10 on our quiz?

Put your memory to the test with our ‘Where Am I?’ quiz. You’ll see a photo of a specific landmark or view in Scotland’s capital, and you’ll need to figure out where it was taken from. The next picture will reveal the answer.

Where is this iconic view of Edinburgh taken from?
Calton Hill

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Do you know where this statue with a lucky toe is found in Edinburgh?
The Royal Mile
What is this village situated on the Water of Leith called?
Dean Village
Edinburgh has a few famous bridges - do you know which one this is?
North Bridge
In which historic marketplace of Edinburgh is this monument located?
Do you recognise this distinctive entrance?
The National Museum of Scotland
Where would you find these gorgeous bodies of water?
Outside Parliament
Where would you find this little guy?
Above the sign for the Queen's Gallery of course
Do you know where this red lion is found in Edinburgh?
Above the entryway to the Castle
Where would you have to go to find this view of Edinburgh?
Arthur's Seat