Edinburgh rescue dogs: These cuddly and adorable dogs need a new home - could it be with you?

Edinburgh rescue dogs Seb and Biscuit are looking for their forever home.

By Ginny Sanderson
Wednesday, 20th October 2021, 2:27 pm

Pet ownership has boomed during the pandemic, but it has sadly also meant rescue shelters are busier than ever.

So the Edinburgh Evening News has teamed up with Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home to help rescue animals find the forever home they deserve.

This week, meet Seb the adorable terrier and Biscuit the cute collie-cross.

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Meet Edinburgh rescue dogs Biscuit (left) and Seb

Seb is an excitable and playful pup who is extremely friendly to people he knows and trust. Aged about five-years-old, he loves a cuddle, but it does have to be on his terms.

He loves his food and always enjoys his training sessions because he knows he gets tasty treat rewards. He enjoys walking and loves visits to the beach.

Seb is looking for an experienced owner prepared to continue his training. He would also prefer an adults-only home. Could it be with you?

Seb is excitable and playful and very friendly with those he trusts

Next up is Biscuit, a collie and staffie cross who loves nothing better than running as fast as she can in the local park.

She is ball-obsessed and loves collecting toys from the shelter’s paddock and bringing them back to her kennel to play with.

Biscuit is nervous and wary of strangers, but she can be affectionate with those she really trusts – though this needs to be on her terms.

This pup would love to do an activity like Canicross or Flyball to keep her mind and body active, and she would prefer a home with a private garden to play in.

Biscuit is a nervous but adorable collie and staffie cross

She needs an experienced owner who is willing to with her resource guarding, and needs an adult only home.

If you think Biscuit or Seb could be the perfect dog for you, contact Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.

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