Some of the wildlife to look out for in Scotland during February.

Scottish Wildlife 2023: Here are 10 pieces of amazing wildlife to look out for in Scotland this February

It may still officially be winter, but February in Scotland is a time when plenty of wildlife is starting to emerge into the lengthening days.

Temperatures are still cold until March heralds the start of spring – with average temperatures struggling to get above 6C – but it’s still possible to spot butterflies, flowering plants and many of Scotland’s most iconic creatures.

Indeed, the lack of leaves on deciduous trees means that animals that tend to be hidden by plentiful foliage during the rest of the year are easier to see.

Meanwhile, the relatively low levels of tourism at this time of year mean that you have a greater chance of getting wildlife spotting destinations all to yourself – with more chance to catch shy creatures that generally give crowds of humans a wide berth.

So, when you’re out and about Scotland this February, here are the sights and sound you should be looking out for.

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