Ryanair tell nurse on Scotland to Warsaw flight to beg £10 from passengers or be blacklisted

RUDE Ryanair flight attendants told a mum to borrow money from fellow passengers or be barred from flying after her bank card was rejected for a £10 food bill.

Tuesday, 28th May 2019, 18:50 pm
Izbela Robecka and Austin

Student Izbela Robecka, from North Berwick, was flying from Edinburgh to Warsaw with son Austin on Saturday when she ordered a meal for them both.

A good samaritan stepped in to lend her the cash and she paid him back on landing when her bank confirmed nothing was wrong with her card.

Izbela Robecka and Austin

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“The way they spoke to me, they gave me such a hard time in front of all the other passengers,” said Izbela, 33. “It was horrible and I felt like some sort of criminal.

“I was travelling with my four-year-old boy as well. He was so upset. He was just sitting there and didn’t know what was going on.”

Edinburgh College medical science student Izbela shelled out £400 for her and Austin’s flights to see family in Poland.

She ordered Austin some chicken nuggets and chips and a ham panini and coffee for herself as a mid-air snack.

The bill came to £13.50 in all and although she had £3.50 in loose change, Izbela tried to put the remainder on her bank card only for it to be declined.

“For some reason payment couldn’t go forward and some crazy error code was coming back on the Ryanair card machine,” said Izbela.

“Two flight attendants then came to me and said that if I will not pay the outstanding bill for food of £10 they will put me on Ryanair blacklist and I will never fly with them again.”

So a stressed Izbela and upset Austin faced missing their return flight home this Sunday.

“The way I was spoken to was horrid,” added Izbela. “I offered to pay first thing after arriving in Warsaw as I wasn’t sure what was going on with my bank card and had no way of paying.

“The flight attendant supervisor refused and started pressuring me to borrow money from other passengers.

“Thankfully one passenger came to my rescue. He was listening and turned around and lent me £10.”

After landing, Izbela phoned her bank Barclays to be told there was no issue with her account or card before using a cash machine to refund her fellow passenger.

“They said that there is absolutely no reason for my bank card not to work and it was Ryanair’s faulty system.

“My card worked fine and I gave back the money to the passenger who helped me.

“It was so stressful and it wasn’t even my fault,” said Izbela. “I was struggling with a small child as well.

“I could understand if I was drunk or swearing at people or beating people.

“I was being agreeable and very helpful. I wasn’t drunk, all I’d had was a coffee. It was absolutely ridiculous - nothing like this has happened to me before.”

The Evening News contacted Ryanair for comment.