Which Edinburgh tattoo parlour do you rate highest? Photo credit: milokrad kravic/Getty Images(Canva Pro)/Kb Group.

Edinburgh Tattoo Parlours: 9 of the best places to get a tattoo in the Capital - as chosen by our readers

Here are where our readers recommended you go if you’re looking for some new ink.

Monday, 2nd August 2021, 10:06 am

Are you a tattoo collector looking to fill another empty patch of skin, or are you a first timer?

Whichever you are, it’s always sensible to scope out the design you want on your skin and, even more importantly, the most reputable artists in your area.

After all, a tattoo is for life, so get one you’re not just happy with, but proud of. Luckily, Edinburgh is jam packed with award winning tattoo parlours that can help design and ink your ideal tattoo.

But with so much choice, where are the best places to go?

We decided to ask the people that know best, our readers, where they would recommend as the best tattoo parlour in Edinburgh – and they responded in their hundreds. So without further ado, here are the 9 best places to get a tattoo in Edinburgh, according to our readers.

This list is in particular order and is not a ranking.

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