These are the 10 worst Edinburgh hotels according to Tripadvisor reviews

Almost everyone has a bad hotel story from their travels - whether it was dirty sheets, poor management or terrible food.

Thursday, 13th June 2019, 1:50 pm
Edinburgh's 10 worst hotels

These are the ten hotels in Edinburgh that come out bottom on Tripadvisor for guest reviews. Check out the 10 best-rated hotels in Edinburgh here.

This riverside hotel has over 750 one-star reviews on Tripadvisor, with several guests complaining that the rooms were "dirty" and smelled of "damp" and one commenting "I wish I could rate it with 0 stars."
One of the 167 guests who gave this hotel a one-star rating called the Northumberland "like Fawlty Towers without the fun management," while another reported it to be "diabolical."
One displeased guest who gave Merith House Hotel a one-star review warned other guests that they'd be "better off staying in a homeless shelter." Some other of the 115 one-star reviews complained of poor customer service.

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Perhaps somewhat ironically named, the Ritz Hotel has 99 one star reviews on Tripadvisor, with one guest writing "the place is a scruffy shambles and a rip-off." Another said they "Definitely would not recommend ever staying."
iholiday hotel has over 50 two-star ratings and over 60 one-star ratings on Tripadvisor, with one disgruntled guest going as far to suggest that "if you have a tent it might be a better option." Others complained of dirty rooms.
Some of the 23 one-star reviews of Moxy hotel include complaints of being "ripped off" by the hotel and parking costs as well as lack of adequate air conditioning.
294 guests gave the Grosvenor Hotel a one-star rating, with one calling it "one of the worst hotels I've stayed at." Complaints included "disgusting" bathrooms and "stained" carpets.
One of 85 guests who gave the Ballantrae Hotel one star wrote in their review that they "cannot say enough BAD THINGS about this hotel." They complained, along with other guests, of dirty rooms and poor management.
Guests have given the Claremont 18 one and two-star reviews. "Good grief, what a horrid, smelly dump," writes one guest who complained about the "greasiest food in town." Another complained the hotel was "dated" and "unkept."
101 guests gave the Piries Hotel a one-star review, with complaints ranging from rooms smelling of damp and a lack of hot water. One guest even called it the "hotel from hell."